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Floral arrangements and decorations for weddings

From the bouquet to decorations for the church and wedding reception

What would be the most suitable flowers for the style and theme of your wedding on the Amalfi Coast? A guide is always welcome in this respect, to choose the arrangements, compositions and floral decorations that will make your chosen wedding venue shine? Take a look at the decorations that have already been created for other celebrations in our florist's portfolio, and begin to imagine the colours and perfumes of your special day. Imagination has no limits! Your style choices with our guidelines. Book a free consultation with our florist for your  bridal bouquet, the floral decorations in the church, the table decorations and the table dressings.
"Our team will personally see to every part of the decor to ensure that everything is co-ordinated and comes together seamlessly."

Bride's bouquet

This is the accessory that emphasises grace and elegance. Choose the flowers, the shape and colours of your bridal bouquet. Create your own composition with us!

Floral wedding trimmings for the church

Enhance the aesthetics of the church with an infinite number of choices of arrangements. Make the venue luminous with decorative trimmings, vases and candles.

Floral decorations for a civil ceremony

Floral decorations with effect for a wedding with a civil ceremony. The most suitable floral decorations for an open air or city hall ceremony.

Floral arrangements for the wedding reception

Floral scenography for any venue. Original ideas for table centre-pieces, garlands of flowers and place-name settings for the reception room.

Talk to us about your wedding, we will do the rest!
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