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Isabelle Kirchner: flower and décor arranger

An artisan in flowers and a lover of beauty

Isabelle Kirchner was born on 23 January 1980 in Stuttgart, Germany. Isabelle was raised in the countryside and since she was a little girl, she has always had an eye for the beauty of nature and flowers. Her future looks bright, her experience and her natural talent in taking care over even the smallest details, means that she is sure to make her own dreams come true, just as she will for many, many couples on their most important day. Today, she lives in  Ravello with her family.
Her motto?
"To make a wedding day an unforgettable experience, rich in sweet memories which will always be a part of your lives!"
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Floral arrangements for wedding ceremony

Studies and training

After receiving her diploma in 1998, Isabelle moved to Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Here, she worked for 15 years in the film industry, organizing set and camera preparation, lending her artistic talents to the framing of scenes. During one of her films, she came to the Amalfi Coast for the first time. She immediately fell in love with the area, but once filming had been completed she had to return home, with the hope that one day she would return forever! On returning to Germany, Isabella changed career. She studied for two years to become a qualified florist and began working in the sector she had always dreamed of: floral design for weddings and events. She worked for some years in Berlin as creator of floral decorations for events.

Love for Italy and flowers

Finally, the chance came to return to her beloved Italy, and her first love, the Amalfi Coast. She worked for four years with   Floragarden of Positano, contributing to the creation of floral scenography e compositions. The beauty of flowers (always a passion for her) and the experience gained in the film industry are the very things that will make your wedding an unforgettable occasion!

Philosophy and professional style

Being yourself and leaving a part of yourself in everything you do is something very typical of all creative artisans. Working with flowers means loving the splendour, while respecting  natural combinations of form and colour. Her philososphy is simple:

"Choose  flowers with passion and love for every single detail to create the most beautiful moments!"

You can request floral decorations for any occasion: marriage, private events, birthdays and christenings.

A complete and impeccable service for your wedding

A  wedding is an event that  marries well with the world of flowers. The limitless combinations that can be created for  floral compositions for the day, will create a divine scenography in every corner of your chosen location. To guarantee perfect results in keeping with your own wishes, we feel it is important to talk about our floral creations and, above all, to talk to you, the stars of the day when everything is there for you.

Find the right style for you

It is so important to find the right floral style for every couple and to make the right choice for you. We listen to you, so we can give you the best advice, taking into account your personal wishes, tastes, budget and the location.

Request a personalised quote

What does a personalised quote mean? It means designing a well-structured offer, respecting your choice of  flowers and your budget. We really care about giving you the best.

An expert team at your service

We have an extensive network of connections with professionals in the field of organising weddings on the Amalfi Coast, such as wedding planners, photographers and celebrants. We can help in the organisation of a complete service for the bride and groom.
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