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Floral compositions: photo gallery with ideas and inspiration

Photograph Album of floral decorations for churches, ceremonies and receptions

The style of the floral compositions is the first thing that a bride looks for. When the ability and dexterity of the florist exceeds all expectations, you can say that you have already made your decision about "the flowers". The photograph album seen here, includes a vast range of decorations, compositions and scenographic creations suitable for church ceremonies, civil ceremonies, private parties and special events. Isabelle's creativity, imagination and innate artistic talent can be seen in every photograph, every flower has been specifically chosen for each composition, together with the Bride and Groom's tastes, which are an inspiration for the florist. Remember  that all the floral compositions are prepared by hand with extreme professionality, in keeping with the context of the ceremony.
Look through the photo gallery and ask for information or a completely free quote! You will find so many ideas and so much inspiration for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast or for any event in Ravello or Amalfi. We will see to setting up the floral decorations, the bride's bouquet, the floral compositions for the church,  city hall, reception in a private villa or open air. Let’s not forget that we  also have many contacts in this sector, we can advise you in the selection and choice of providers of other services in order to co-ordinate and satisfy the long list of "to do" that any couple are sure to have to guarantee a perfect day. Send us an email to arrange an appointment!
The best of floral art for your events!
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