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Bouquet of flowers for the bride: original, romantic and elegant ideas

Traditional or a statement piece? Choose the shape, size and color to match your wedding dress

The bouquet is the floral composition  that is with the Bride for the whole of the ceremony, it is also an important detail in every photograph of the ceremony. If you are unsure about exactly what you would like, have no fear. Your choice depends on the style of your dress, and above all your own personal style. This is the starting point for our florist: your ideas, tastes and expectations. We can offer ideas that can be original, romantic, elegant, refined or even extravagant, in line with  seasonal flowers, but most of all, in line with your requirements. Take a look at our bouquets for brides created for weddings and ceremonies in Amalfi, Ravello and Positano, on the Amalfi Coast, and be inspired by beauty!
There is no hard and fast rule that dictates what type of bouquet to go for: a cascading bouquet, round, open and voluminous, bunch or spherical, remember every Bride is unique. So, imagine and dream of the most beautiful flowers with the most elegant of touches, and our florist will make your wishes come true. Do you just adore tulips, peonies,  hydrangeas, roses? Tell us about yourself, how you imagine that day and choose from an infinite number of varieties of possible floral decorations . Ask us for a personalized quote.
"Your" bouquet just as you always imagined!
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