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Flower arrangements for civil weddings

Floral scenography for registry office weddings and open air weddings

How can you organize personalize your civil wedding on the Amalfi Coast? It’s really easy to create an atmosphere worthy of the occasion with the right flower arrangements with the choice of delicate hues to lively colors. Beautiful displays with attention to detail will adorn the location of your ceremony with perfect artistic grace. Civil weddings can be celebrated indoors or outdoors. For indoor weddings our florist will create floral displays to decorate the local city hall or registry office where you are to celebrate your marriage. For outdoor weddings, our florist will create floral scenographies which are perfectly in tune with any panoramic terrace that the Amalfi Coast has to offer. If you are looking for something original we have the ideas and experience to help you get just what you want!
Floral arrangements for civil wedding ceremony

Flowers for wedding in the city hall or registry office

Floral decorations for civil ceremonies. Every detail will be in keeping with the style and architecture of the venue in the city hall.
Floral compositions for outdoor civil wedding

Flowers for an outdoor civil ceremony

An inspiring atmosphere created by the fusion of flowers and nature. Flowers and  floral decorations that complement the wonderful scenery of the sea and the green terraced hills of the Amalfi Coast.

Ideas for floral decoration for an open air wedding

Villas built high above the coast with panoramic terraces over-looking the coast, cascades of bougainvillea and lemon trees. An open air wedding in Ravello, Amalfi and Positano, is a dream for anyone. The images that all future brides and grooms have is the legendary natural scenery of the Amalfi Coast. With regards to floral arrangements and displays, we advise pure simplicity with a little touch of eccentricity to enhance with stunning backdrop of this earthly paradise.
Our florist will create floral arches, hanging displays, canopies of flowers, vases, candles with a touch of vintage, country or shabby chic and so much more. Write to us for a free quote for your big day, for the ceremony and the wedding reception!
We will let your imagination run free!
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